Drawing Ghosts
Hearts and Arms
Mixed Media
2.5 x 3.5
This ACEO featrures a little girl in front of a striped blue and black background. The card is embellished with a small metal heart and a vintage anatomical drawing of the muscles of the arm.

To me, this ACEO represents a kind of tough love. On one hand, the striped background is a pretty robin's egg blue; on the other hand, it's also marked by thick black bars, sort of like a prison cell. Next, while the arm is beckoning in a tender way, the skin is gone; only the muscles -- and conseqently, the strength -- can be seen. And finally, even though there's a heart -- the ultimate symbol of love -- above it all, the heart itself is made of metal. It's dichotomies everywhere! No wonder that poor child looks so confused. Tough love kind of sucks.

This ACEO is standard size. The back is covered in decorative paper. Finally, this card has a little metal eyelet in one corner with a brown ribbon attached, so you can actually hang your little card wherever you fancy.
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