Drawing Ghosts
The Party Dress
Mixed Media
2.5 x 3.5
Acrylic painting and vintage photograph ACEO. I wanted to do a party dress to match her pretty hat, so I made her one from decorative papers. That wasn't pretty enough, so I added a little bit of vintage lace and pen and ink embellishments. Now she is all fancypants, thank you very much.

In case you were curious, this girl in this photograph is an artist named Katherine Langhorne Adams. She knew my parents, and died (at about 900 years old) a few days before I was born. She left them her childhood photo album, which contained all of these gorgeous old portraits of her and her sister (she was an Astor. These were...not poor people). Both of them were incredibly beautiful, and apparently, fantastically insane, as well; the famous story from Katherine's teenage years is that, while on an artists' retreat, her absentminded host accidentally directed a young man to Katherine's room, forgetting that it was already occupied. The news stories about that weekend don't go into details of what happened next; instead, they state only that Katherine "coped readily" with this interesting development. Now...you totally have to love that. Katherine was awesome.

Naturally, I adore these pictures, and I had a whole stack of copies made so I can cut them up however I like. Now, the Adams sisters are frequently the stars of my art, and that's something that would delight Katherine to no end.

This ACEO is standard size. The back is covered in decorative paper. Finally, this card has a little metal eyelet in one corner with a brown ribbon attached, so you can actually hang your little card wherever you fancy.
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