Drawing Ghosts
Birds and Husbands 2
Mixed Media on canvas
12 x 12

The full title of this piece is "Mildred Knew That "If You Love Something, Set It Free" Didn't Apply To Birds Or Husbands."

So true, Mildred. So very, very true. And, as you can see, Mildred is taking her words to heart; while pretty much everyone here is free to roam about as they wish (see all the balloons?), her husband resides uncomfortably in her cage, kept company by her prettiest collection of birds. And I rather think he deserved it, actually.

This painting is approximately 12 x 12 inches square, and the frame makes it about three inches deep. It was created on stretched canvas.

This painting has been layered on top of vintage papers, and is embellished with antique photographs, decorative papers, pen and ink, oil pastels, and typed words. The painting has been finished with a high gloss acrylic sealer, and is framed in a primitive-style wooden frame that I made and painted myself. The frame is attached directly to the painting, creating an unusual three-dimensional box that looks really cool either hanging on the wall, or sitting on a table.
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