Drawing Ghosts
My Name Is Wakefield
Mixed Media on canvas
5 x 5
Private Collection

If you were wondering what this painting "says," it is as follows:

"Hello! My name is Wakefield. And this is my box."

That's pretty much...all, actually. I just liked Wakefield. I wanted him to have a box. And I was possibly listening to Weezer at the time, possibly...a lot. I may have also been drinking, and consequently, all of this may have made WAY more sense at the time, but NO MATTER, this is Wakefield, and he is awesome. As is his box.

Wakefield is a 5 x 5 inch mixed media collage painting on a gallery-wrapped canvas. He was created using vintage ephemera, acrylic paints, antique photographs, pencils, inks, and oil crayon. He has been sealed, and the sides of the piece have been painted black, so he is all ready to go live at your house. He'll even bring his box along.
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