Drawing Ghosts
The Face In The Window
Mixed Media
9" x 12"
Private Collection

Construction on the enormous Gothic mansion began in 1870, and was overseen by a man named David Nicholson. It ended up taking six years to construct the home where Nicholson and his family would live. In 1903, the house was sold, and became known as Rand Mansion; the Rand family lived in the home -- without apparent incident -- until the late 1960's.

Eventually, the fantastic house fell into disrepair, and in 1997, it was slated for demolition. The local historical society intervened, however, and arranged for the mansion to be moved to a nearby location. To that end, the house was transferred onto large trailers and transported to its new lot.

This was no small undertaking, and the event was covered by reporters from the Indianapolis Star. A story, along with accompanying photographs, was published in the newspaper the next day. Immediately, the phone calls began, and people all over the state demanded to know why a little girl could be seen looking out the front window of the Nicholson mansion, when the building was being moved. The house, however, had been empty.

No one knows the identity of the little girl, but several theories exist. Some believe that she is the spirit of a child who was killed in an accident nearby, and who never left the place she died. Others believe the home is haunted by the spirit of an elderly woman, who smiles and waves cheerfully at visitors. And, while a paranormal investigation revealed a number of odd events, it shed no further light on the identity of the spirit; everything about her remains unknown.

In its new location, the house has been renovated, and developed new life. It now serves as a private residence -- but maybe a small face continues to look out the windows.
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